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About Us
Rompientes is a marine conservation organization that seeks to protect coastal areas that contain breaks suitable for sports in order to foster further development for local communities, and protect its scenic value and marine biodiversity. We offer a platform of services to local communities in need of protecting their natural heritage granting them legal tools for marine conservation.  
Our Mission
Our mission is to promote a comprehensive management of our coastal areas, with a focus on the preservation of breaks suitable for sports and to promote sustainable development of local communities. 

Luis Felipe Rodríguez

Felipe has led and contributed to projects related to health, technology and increasing access to opportunities. He has vast experience in project management, capital raising processes and validation of ideas. Chosen Young Leader in 2015 for his work on social opportunities. 

Rodrigo Bustamante

Attorney from Universidad Católica de Chile with a Master's degree from UCLA (USA). Rodrigo has had 10 years of work experience in the private sector, with extensive experience in commercial and civil matters, including foundations. His interests have also been strongly linked to the world of entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability.
Juan Esteban Buttazzoni

Attorney from Universidad Católica with an MS in Environmental Management and Sustainability from Monash University (Australia) whose work has recently focused on environmental and water issues. Juan has been working over the past 5 years in the private sector, 2 years in the public sector in institutions such as Dirección General de Aguas, Chile and Melbourne Water Australia. He also been involved with sustainability, entrepreneurship, community relations and is an avid surfer! 
Rodrigo Farías

Rodrigo has been contributing to the protection and conservation of our coasts over the past decade through his work in communications, culture and activism in environmental struggles such as the Submarine Emissary conflict in Pichilemu, supporting areas affected by the 2010 Tsunami and cooperating in the preservation of Punta de Lobos, where he currently resides with his family.   
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Help us share the stories and problems affecting your beach and wave. We are always aware! Write to Hola@rompientes.org  
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Nik Strong-Cvetich
Director /  Save the Waves Coalition.

Bruno Monteferri
Director / Conservamos por Naturaleza.

Stefan Gelcich
Associate Researcher, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.   

Hello world!

Hello blue and green world!   As our logo says: We take care of what we love!   We are starting to work on this beautiful project just for that purpose, to take care of the places we love that many a times too often are not receiving the love they require. Whether it is […]

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